Pendleton® Heritage Turtle Blanket

Pendleton® Heritage Turtle Blanket

Pendleton ® Jacquard Blanket, Heritage Turtle Blanket

The Heritage Turtle Blanket design has been revamped with color changes from this vintage, early 1900s Pendleton® pattern. In honor of the Iroquois Confederacy, a historically powerful Native American people who formed the Iroquois Confederacy, a league of six different nations. The three elemental Turtle motif is a tribute to the  Iroquois legend of The Great Turtle. The legend tells a story that in early times the Earth was covered by deep oceans and no people. There were birds flying who saw Skywoman fall from the sky. When Skywoman fell she grasped roots from a tree in Heaven. The birds spread their wings to cushion her fall, and placed her on the Turtle who was the only animal strong enough to hold her. There, Skywoman planted the root and the garden of Earth began to grow. Turtle grew into a large island, and became North America- Turtle Island. 

  • 64" x 80"
  • Unnapped
  • Felt bound
  • 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton
  • Dry clean
  • Made in the USA
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