Pendleton®Buffalo Roam Blanket

Pendleton®Buffalo Roam Blanket


 Pendleton® Buffalo Roam Blanket

This blanket is ultra-soft and comfortable with both sides depicting the importance of the revered buffalo in Native American culture.The American buffalo has served as a reminder of what greed can cost us, as we almost lost the American buffalo from our own irresponsibility.  For thousands of years Native Americans hunted bison and valued it above all other animals. Prized for their meat, their hides, and their bones, a bison offered one-stop shopping for most Plains Indians—kind of like when we go to Wal-Mart. You can imagine how hard it was for the Plains Indians to see their most valuable resource slaughtered by the thousands. Luckily, today bison are no longer endangered thanks to the concerted efforts of ranchers and zoos, but there are far fewer of them than in early historic times.

  •  Ultra-soft 82% pure virgin wool and 18% cotton
  • Measures:Twin 64" x 80".
  • Felt bound and napped
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