Ivory Basket Maker ; The Gentleman

Ivory Basket Maker ; The Gentleman


Ivory Basket Maker Lined Men's Car Coat

An older gentleman was looking at coats in the store and asked for "A man's coat". I showed him our bomber jackets but he wanted something thigh length to keep him warm during winter. I explained that our car coats could be used by either men or women. "The only thing that really denoted the garments gender usage is the side that the buttons were placed. As we attempt to best utilize the Pendleton® fabric's transitional color story, we make the coats reversible to show off both sides. The buttons change sides depending on which way you wear it". I said, quite happy with myself.

He wasn't having any of it. "I don't care about the colors reversin' and I don't like that shawl collar. " It's gotta have peaks on it ,like a mans coat"!

So, I set to making "A man's coat".  I gave our car coat a notched collar, snaps, and lined it with sateen so the gentleman could slip the wool coat on with ease. Since I was playing designer I figured that I should add some knit cuffs underneath the standard sleeve to give a fitted, sealed-in,cozy feeling.

We swapped out the reversible through pockets for those I've seen on old hunting jackets, the kind that you dump your shotgun shells in the top and you can use the side pockets to keep your hands warm.

The Ivory Basket Maker Lined Men's Car Coat is the 3rd rendition of this coat. I went with the crimson lining to give it some pizzazz next to the subdued Taupe and Ivory of the outer shell. This coat is about looking good and staying warm.

Made in Yakima, Washington State, USA

  • 82%pure virgin wool/18% cotton
  •  Dry Clean 
  • Notch Collar
  • Long Sleeves
  • Fit: Generous
  • Lined 2-Way Pockets
  • Inside Breast Pocket
  • Snap Closure
  • Crimson Sateen Lining
  • Hidden Knit Cuff
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