Pendleton® Lord of the Plains

Pendleton® Lord of the Plains


Pendleton ® Jacquard Blanket, Lord of the Plains

A USA-made wool blanket created in partnership with acclaimed Blackfeet artist Terrance Guardipee Sun, the Creator, shines down on the homeland of the Blackfeet Nation. Below, Moon cradles their child, Morning Star. The Star Beings that make up the Big and Little Dipper constellations shine below the Sun. In the center ride the Lords of the Plains, wearing sacred eagle feather headdresses. Their masked horses are painted with medicine symbols for protection. At the bottom, a tepee rests among the rolling hills of the homelands. Black, a power color, encloses the world of the Lords as they preserve their spiritual traditions and way of life. Part of our Legendary Collection, this design honors stories and symbols of Native American cultures. Each year a new USA-made collector's blanket is added to the series. 

• Napped, felt bound 
• Pure virgin wool/cotton 
• Dry clean 
• Made in USA

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