Pendleton® Future of the Plains Baby Blanket

Pendleton® Future of the Plains Baby Blanket


Pendleton® Future of the Plains, Baby Blanket

The Prairie Rush Hour baby blanket, made by Pendleton® pays homage to the bison or buffalo. The most majestic land mammal of North America. Before the population boom in the United States, millions of buffalo roamed free throughout North America. Prevalent through open plains, hills and mountainous regions of the United States, the buffalo was a sacred and important animal to the Native people. Among Native American tribes, especially the Plains Indians, the buffalo is considered a sacred animal and religious symbol. Buffalo provided food, clothing and shelter to may tribal people. Today the last remaining herds of buffalo can be seen in our National Parks with the largest herd residing in Yellowstone.

  • Napped.
  • Felt bound.
  • 82% pure virgin wool/18% cotton.
  • Dry clean.
  • Made in the USA
  • 32" x 44" (81 x 112 cm)
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